You've named a star, own property on the moon, now be a part of the latest craze .... name a pigeon!

Welcome to You have the amazing opportunity to name a feathered friend in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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you get:

  • A unique photo of your pigeon!
  • Your pigeon's name in our official registry!
  • A map of where the photo was taken for easy sighting!
  • A commerative certificate!
  • Congratulatory letter and fun pigeon factsheet!

    all this for only $10.00

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Copyright 2005 The Coo Coup. All Rights Reserverd. Name-A-Pigeon provides authentic products and services, but they are for entertainment purposes only. No animals are harmed in the production of our products. All pigeons were photographed within the proximity of the San Francisco Bay Area. We make no claim to own pigeons or the right to officially name pigeons, though all names will be recorded in our records!